MSK Palletizers & Depalletizers for glass and bottles

Palletizing systems glass

MSK palletizing systems for the hollow glass industry

Palletizers and palletizing robots in the modular design principle for the palletizing of glass products

With MSK palletizers the glass industry is well equipped and ready for the future: MSK palletizers deliver suitable solutions for automatic palletizing of different glass container forms at any required machine performance. The MSK modular principle offers a high level of flexibility in extending your palletizing systems, regardless of whether semi automatic, fully automatic or robotic palletizing equipment is in use.


  • High degree of flexibility through the modular system
  • Different palletizing heads
  • Minimum maintenance and spare parts requirements
  • Consistent control concept
  • Good accessibility to all elements
  • Short downtimes for job change
  • Extensive range of additional modules

Fully automatic and semi-automatic palletizers / depalletizers

The fully automatic palletizing systems MSK Triotech and MSK Duotech are single-pillar-palletizing systems with a swivel arm which can also be used for depalletizing.

  • The palletizing column is firmly connected to the ground and only the palletizer arm swivels around the column.
  • Space-saving design for use in a confined space
  • MSK Duotech for small and medium performances up to 2 layers/minute
  • MSK Triotech for high-performance and high-complex palletizing applications with up to 3 layers per minute

High performance portal system

The MSK Triotech Gantry is a portal system for high performance, with a performance of up to 3 layers a minute. Time belts provide low maintenance operation and impeccable glass hygiene.

High-performance palletizer as a portable system

The high-performance palletizing system MSK Quintech is a portal system. It was developed for high palletizing performances up to 4 layers per minute. It is characterized by precisely guided linear movements for extremely smooth palletizing.

Fully automatic palletizing robot for more flexibility

The palletizing robot MSK Robotech offers efficiency in the smallest space: A wide variety of palletizing units such as clean packs or bottle layers can be loaded on to the pallet in any desired layer pattern.

Semi-automatic palletizer systems 

The palletizer MSK Semitech is a simple portal palletizing system for low and medium performances up to 2 layers/minute. The head moves linearly and is therefore very suitable for semi-automatic palletizing applications with manual activities, often utilized as an individual palletizer for emergency operation.

MSK palletizing heads for the palletizing of different glass bottles and hollow glass containers 

Whether gripper tubes, suction plate or universal head, thanks to the standardized quick release fastener the palletizing heads on the MSK palletizers can be replaced quickly and easily.


  • Palletizing head with gripper tubes
  • Palletizing head with suction plate
  • Universal palletizing head




Additional modules for MSK palletizing systems and palletizing robots

MSK offers an extensive selection of additional modules for all glass palletizing systems and palletizing robots for the individual palletizing of hollow glass products:

Bottle accumulation tables

Accumulation of bottles after lehr or within the bottle flow is designed by accumulation tables, inspection tables or merry-go-round tables.

Bottle in-feed and stacker

The servo-driven pushing or pick-and-place MSK stacker models work with parameter-controlled path optimization and ensure the best possible preparation of the bottle layers. The execution of up to six rows combines high performance with quiet operation. A special MSK technique ensures robust and quick adjustement during operation, easy replacement of tools and the lowest job change times.

Flexibility in trays

MSK palletizing robots also apply intermediate trays.

Tray erection with MSK Traytech

The MSK Traytech produces trays from flat cardboard in a fully automated workflow, with a performance of 3,5 layers per minute. The cardboard is set in from the outside, thus securing the layer formations of the glass containers. The machine uses a consummable-free click mechanism without any stapling or gluing.

Centering frame with tier sheet inserter

Thanks to the separately controlled sides (lengthwise and diagonally) fo the centering carriage, the centering frame and the integrated tier sheet inserter can optimally position themselves according to the respective layer dimensions.

Complete information with MSK labeller

An innovative MSK-developed labelling system makes it possible to seamlessly trace pallets right after leaving the palletizer. Compared to common solutions, the labelling system stands out due to cost-effective material  costs. The MSK labeller has been especially developped for pallets with plastic trays as well. The system only needs a paper lable - no use of glue or self-adhesive labels is necessary.

MSK Looptech

The MSK Looptech secures every desired layer of bottles for internal transport. The machine can be integrated in the palletizing process (layer version) or is available as a standalone version positioned after the palletizer.

MSK depalletizing systems

The fully automatic palletizing systems can also serve as depalletizers, for example in Depal-Repal-lines for quality assurance.

MSK bottle orientor

The MSK bottle orientor is set up on a mobile frame. It can be docked laterally without mechanical changes to the bottle conveyor system. This simple flexible integration enables use of the MSK bottle orientor on different bottle lines.

And much more...

Always the right solution

An MSK palletizer is as individual as a glass production. No matter which performance is required, whether partly or fully automatic, whether with robots or conventionally, MSK's palletizing range offers customized solutions. MSK palletizers can process a high variety of glass container shapes and allow for great flexibility in the laying out of palletizing systems.

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