Stretch hood packaging for vacuum cleaners reduces transport damage

The new stretch hood packaging with the MSK Tensiontech packaging machine at Miele in Bielefeld has proved an efficient solution for optimizing loading stability, at the same time allowing savings in film costs.

Product-specific challenge

With the objective of optimizing transport safety and reducing costs, project managers at Miele, the household appliances manufacturer based in Bielefeld, approached the packaging systems manufacturer MSK in summer 2015. As is normally the case in the household appliance industry, vacuum cleaners manufactured at Miele are packed in cardboard boxes. Owing to the high quality gloss printing and little intrinsic bonding of the cardboard layers on the pallet, the existing stretch wrapping solution was not in the past achieving a satisfactory result. In particular for high stacking on the pallet, load stability is a challenge for storage and transport. The stretch wrapping system formerly used in the Bielefeld plant has now been replaced by a stretch hood solution from MSK. The new stretch hooder is capable of packing load units up to 2.80 m high with 50 µm film so that it is stable and safe for transport. The decision for MSK continues an international partnership between Miele and MSK that has lasted for many years.

The new packaging solution

The new MSK Tensiontech stretch hood applicator in the Bielefeld plant was integrated with a pallet conveyor system from MSK, assembled in only 3 days, and commissioned in early January 2017. The applicator is equipped with two film formats and produces tailored film hoods, which are applied in the stretching process over the various pallet loads. The film is then wrapped on the top board of the pallet with the MSK belt stretch procedure and placed at a desired loading height as an extra stabilizing belt. In addition to high load stability, this also facilitates problem-free automatic warehouse handling, as the pallet feet remain free from film when this method is used.

Efficient stretch hooder

The stretch hood system at Miele processes up to 120 pallets per hour and affords various benefits in the film consumption, energy consumption and maintenance area. Moreover, the low noise emission compared with existing systems was one reason for deciding on a stretch hooder. "MSK stretch hood machines stretch the film hood for each pallet dimension individually to any longitudinal and transversal coordinates. This enables the use of thinner films, as the film is not overstretched unnecessarily", explains Uwe Jonkmanns, Sales and Marketing Director at MSK. "Film thicknesses of only 30 µm would be possible at Miele with this MSK system." MSK patents for film gathering, as well as for vertical stretch, ensure clean and tailor-made hooding. With an energy consumption of well below 0.07 kW per pallet, MSK stretch hooders are among the most efficient machines in the market place. Even for maintenance, the machines simplify the operator's task: the machine head can be moved down to working level and this simplifies spare part exchanges and the necessary maintenance tasks. Because the film rolls are outside the protective guards, these can be exchanged without interrupting the packaging process. "The use of standard electrical and mechanical components in the MSK system was a further advantage related to reduced spare parts storage", explains Torsten Nölleke, Project Manager at Miele Bielefeld.

Space saving through compact design

MSK stretch hooders are built without stages or ladders. In comparison with other stretch hood machines, this offers structural advantages and has allowed its use even with low ceiling heights at Miele in Bielefeld. For the project managers at Miele, this was also a decisive criterion for the MSK system.

Permanently clean technology

The MSK stretch hood machine works without any hydraulics at all. "By using time belt systems in our systems, our customers are profiting from a zero maintenance system with only very little wear. The entire handling over the customer product is permanently clean and hygienic", declares Uwe Jonkmanns.

Simple operation with the MSK EMSY 5 control software

The machine operators control the entire packaging line with the MSK EMSY 5 software, developed specially for MSK systems. The intuitive visualization software, supported with 3D animations, simplifies operation and shortens training time. The software tracks the packed units in the overall logistic cycle, as well as providing comprehensive control. In addition to production statistics, the system offers consumption statistics for film, electrical energy and air, affords support to troubleshooting and facilitates fast help round the clock through remote maintenance.

MSK – Partner for industry for over 40 years

For more than 40 years, the MSK Covertech Group has been industry's partner for film packaging systems in the form of shrink wrap and stretch hood systems, unwrapping machines and pallet handling and conveyor systems.  The company offers single source development, manufacture and service. Based on decades of experience, specialists produce made-to-measure solutions to customer-specific needs from a wide range of industries. With over 500 employees and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, USA and China, MSK is numbered among the international leaders in providers of pallet packaging systems.

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