MSK Stretch hood solutions for beverage pallets

Stretch hooding beverages

MSK stretch hood solutions for beverage pallets

In the beverage industry, in addition to the aspects of an efficient production process, particularly the high requirements concerning hygiene standards are of central importance.

MSK packaging machines are therefore available in the MSK Clean-Design. Time belts instead of chains ensure a maintenance-free and hygienic operation. The entire film handling is done without hydraulic operations above the product.

MSK Stretch hood package beverage products on pallets ready for transport after a flexible and cost-efficient process. Specific procedures and patents ensure effective advertising on the packaged products. The MSK technology also offers sustainable energy and material saving standards. 

In comparison to conventional stretch wrapping methods the products with a MSK stretch hood packaging are clearly visible under the smooth film packaging thus effectively displayed. Perforated or printed films can also be used with the MSK stretch hood machines. This avoids condensation and ensures that your brand logo on the packaging achieves the maximum advertising effect.

Hood stretcher MSK Tensiontech:

Flexible stretch wrapping with high performance

The fully automated hood stretcher MSK Tensiontech is designed for high performance requirements and packages a diverse range of pallet sizes with a robust stretch hood. The film hood can be stretched both longitudinally and transversely to fit pallets of all dimensions. This enables the use of thinner films and the packaging of pallets with different dimensions. The MSK vertical stretch thereby increases the load stability.


  • Packaging without the use of heating energy
  • Precise hooding through patented MSK device to gather the film (EP 1 353 847) and the MSK vertical film tensioning procedure (EP 1 717 148)
  • Use of thinner films due to MSK coordinate stretch procedure
  • Reliable, electro-mechanical MSK film opening system and high quality film welding
  • Problem-free use of perforated films for the prevention of condensation
  • MSK Clean design with maintenance-free time belts
  • Trouble-free, ergonomic maintenance due to lowerable machine head 

Additional modules for the highest load stability

MSK belt stretch / collar stretch / understretch procedure

Special film application processes increase the pallet load in particularly critical load areas by applying an additional film belt.

  • Belt stretch procedure: An additional film belt increases the load stability for any critical loading height.
  • Collar stretch procedure: The film collar is like a belt on the top panel of the pallet.
  • Understretch procedure: The film is pulled deep under the pallet. 



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