Load securing and pallet logistics from a single source

MSK offers customized, comprehensive solutions for process automation as a manufacturer in the field of load securing and pallet logistics. Data transfer and data security throughout the entire logistics process as well as digital interfaces with peripheral devices ensure an optimal level of automation. The MSK product portfolio includes automated lorry unloading and pallet unwrapping in the incoming goods department, conveying, palletizing and film packaging systems for load securing of finished products, fully automated pallet transport systems, all the way to automated loading of pallets onto lorries or storage in high-bay warehouses. All processes are networked and controlled using the visualization software MSK EMSY 6.0.

Automated flow of goods and pallet handling

MSK is meeting the growing trend of automation embraced by Industry 4.0 with fully automated logistics systems focused on pallet packaging. MSK complete systems enable fully automated logistics for pallets without forklift traffic between incoming goods, high-bay warehouse, production, packaging area and outgoing goods. Using the control and visualization software MSK EMSY 6.0, MSK programmers can implement the required processes according to specific needs and visualize them for operators in a clear and comprehensible manner. This database-supported software features communication interfaces with the customer's ERP system. It manages and links all information about peripheral devices such as scanners, weighing systems, labelers and more, and forwards the information to the customer system.

Once they reach the incoming goods department, pallets with raw materials delivered by lorry can be fed into the logistics system using an automatic system. The goods are scanned, registered in the ERP system and assigned to a destination. This could mean direct onward transport to a production site, for instance, or storage in the high-bay warehouse until the pallets are requested by the production department.
In turn, the control software for the conveying system, MSK EMSY, transmits pallet positions and data back to the customer's ERP system. All pallet data are continuously maintained by the MSK EMSY system throughout the entire logistics process. This networking also enables the customer system to automatically trigger the generation of shipping documents in the outgoing goods department, for example.

Packaging systems for automated pallet handling

For automated pallet handling using conveying systems, AGV and forklifts as well as in high-bay warehouses, MSK offers special film hood packaging which keeps the pallet feet film-free. To accomplish this, MSK Tensiontech stretch hood machines are equipped with the MSK collar stretch procedure, for which the film is placed on the top board of the pallet. For shrink packaging, MSK uses a patented film-forming device that appropriately shapes the film between the pallet feet during the shrinking process.

Intelligent packaging solutions for logistics centers

In logistics centers, no one pallet load resembles the next. As a result, highly flexible packaging systems are required to ensure stable load securing. A special MSK technology that stretches film carefully around the loads depending on their specific dimensions has already been adopted by several logistics centers, allowing them to switch their packaging method from stretch wrapping to efficient stretch hood technology. The first step with MSK stretch hood technology is to record the precise load geometry to produce perfectly fitting film hoods using a minimal amount of film. The PLC control system of the stretch hood machine automatically computes the correct hood length, tension force and stretch dimensions for the film as well as the type of covering process. Detecting the highest point of a load as well as its contour makes it possible to package extreme shapes, such as a vertically protruding broom handle, without difficulty. The system adapts the tension of the film and the hooding process accordingly, saving film and ensuring high load stability.

Particularly during seasons with a high throughput, significant time pressure and additional non-technical support staff, technical support which is available around-the-clock is crucial for logistics centers. MSK offers a 24-hour on-call service even around Christmas. With its international presence and multilingual service staff, MSK is a reliable partner for this requirement.

Fully automated pallet unwrapping

The MSK Defotech film unwrapping system performs fully automated unwrapping of film-packaged pallets in the incoming goods department. This is an ideal solution for increased production speeds and a reduction of personnel costs in multiple-shift operation. With respect to occupational safety, particularly for high pallet loads, the unwrapping system minimizes manual intervention by staff. Fully automated film unwrapping protects personnel from the risk of slipping and the risk of falling products. The machine adapts seamlessly to the existing production flow and can be smoothly linked with upstream and downstream machines. After unwrapping, the MSK Defotech automatically prepares the film for recycling using a special film transport system. Sorted collection of packaging films allows them to be fully recycled, a benefit that contributes to sustainability on the production line.

Focus on sustainability

MSK assists customers with development and test series to reduce packaging material, while maintaining the transport stability of pallet loads required according to EUMOS guidelines. In the customer technology center specially established for this purpose, various packaging procedures and transport simulations are used to develop sustainable, efficient solutions that provide high stability. Continuing innovations allow MSK to continually save energy and film with its packaging systems. Examples include the patented procedure of the MSK stretch hood machine using very thin film and with an energy consumption of less than 0.07 kWh per packaging unit, or the development of energy-saving heating systems with low temperatures and adjustable heating rods  for improved efficiency during shrink packaging. MSK shrinking systems consume up to 15% less gas than standard systems. When using the MSK Shrinkcover, additional savings of up to 40% are possible. The MSK electric shrink system operates entirely without gas. Machine components such as IE3 motors in the highest efficiency class, or the reduction of motor capacity using the counterweight principle, are technologies dedicated to energy savings. Environmentally harmful lubricants are sustainably reduced by avoiding hydraulic systems. Instead, MSK systems operate using hygienic and low-maintenance time belt technology. Palletizing, packaging and logistics systems are also designed to be compact and can thus stand in very small spaces, which saves space in production. MSK packaging machines all process films made of polyethylene. As a result, the film packaging for transport units is fully recyclable. MSK systems are produced entirely in-house, from parts production through to final assembly by MSK. With self-learning technology and intelligent sensors in line with Industry 4.0, MSK develops processes that permanently increase the service life and reliability of the machines.

MSK - Industrial partner for palletizing, conveying and packaging systems

For more than 40 years, MSK Covertech Group has been one of the leading manufacturers of palletizing, conveying and packaging machines for the automation of the entire pallet handling process, from the incoming goods department to lorry loading or the finished goods warehouse. Today, the group has nearly 500 employees and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, USA and China. Well-known manufacturers from a wide variety of industries belong to MSK’s solid customer base. MSK independently develops and produces conveying technology and packaging systems with a high level of vertical integration and also controls its systems using in-house software.

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