Combining automation and respect for the environment


One of the main challenges for the industry lies in the link between performance improvement and sustainability. How to increase production while keeping a low impact on the environment? MSK has developed innovative solutions which you might want to have a look at.

Regarding hooding solutions, MSK stretch-hood and shrink-hood systems can work with fully recyclable films or films made of recycled materials. Compared to spiral stretch, MSK packaging technology allows the reduction or elimination of additional packaging materials for securing the load and packing pallets by picking. When it comes to shrink hooding, MSK has developed its electric shrink frame, the MSK Corritech with eCovershrink. Stable packaging is then possible while sustainably removing fossil fuels.

For pallet unwrapping, MSK also thought of the sustainable challenge leaning on companies. Indeed, with its MSK Defotech, unwrapping up to 60 pallets per hour, the machine can be directly connected to a film recycling container. After unwrapping, the MSK Defotech automatically collects films for recycling through a special film removal system. When using similar film types, they can be completely recycled – an advantage that contributes to the profitability of the production line. The compressed film bales also allow to save space for storage.

Moreover, MSK connected logistics processes are controlled by MSK EMSY software. Preventive measures can be taken thanks to the collection of real time data. More precisely, MSK EMSY can provide statistics on faults, maintenance, production, as well as running, waiting and downtimes, and displays these graphically for the operator. In the long-run, data analysis can then help companies reduce their energy and film consumption.

The protection of the environment is both at the heart of MSK’s developments and one of its core values. Together let’s put innovation at the contribution of the protection of our planet!

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