Shrink packaging for logistics centers

MSK shrink packaging systems for logistics centers

MSK shrink hood packaging for picked to order pallets

Each pallet load in a distribution center is different, since employees often load the pallets individually at picking stations. This requires flexible transport packaging that packages pallet loads in a reliable and stable manner for a wide range of dimensions, weights and shapes. "Underloaded or overloaded pallets" frequently pose serious challenges for load securing.

Shrink wrapping often proves to be the most stable solution for underloaded pallets, heavy and pressure-sensitive pallet loads. The closed film hood also increases theft protection and reliably protects the load against dirt and moisture.


  • Maximum load stability for a wide range of goods on pallets, even for underloaded or overloaded pallets
  • Optimal packaging for pressure-sensitive goods
  • Closed hood protects against theft
  • Barcodes and logos legible under the film
  • Pallet feet can be film-free
  • Easy maintenance with lowering machine head and low-maintenance timing belt technology

Highly flexible MSK Multitech shrink hood machine: Precise shrink hood for maximum stability

The MSK Multitech shrink hood machine offers future-oriented solutions for pallet packaging with picked goods. The system adjusts flexibly to changing load dimensions. The shrink hood wraps the load like a second skin without exerting pressure on the goods. The packaging system with its compact design allows for fully automatic processing of up to six film formats or thicknesses. Combined with secure low temperature shrink technology, this packaging solution offers maximum stability and significant advantages in terms of energy, film and maintenance savings.

Film hoods as theft protection  

Compared to stretch wrapping, a closed film hood offers reliable protection against theft, as the theft is likely to be detected due to the damaged film hood when the pallet is delivered.  
With a transparent film, the packaging allows a clear view of the products. This demonstrably prevents damage during handling. Barcodes and brand logos are easy to read under the smooth film. Valuable pallet loads can also be packaged discreetly using color film or UV-protected using White Opec film.

Hood packaging with film-free pallet feet for automatic pallet handling systems

MSK shrink hood packaging can be equipped with the patented MSK film forming device. This makes it possible to keep the pallet feet free of film. Special shaping of the film during the shrinking process provides the open space between the pallet feet required for automatic pallet handling systems.


  • Transport with AGV systems
  • Handling in automatic high-bay storage
  • Automatic truck loading

Long-term resource savings in film and energy

The MSK Multitech hooding machine allows for the fully automatic production of film hoods for each individual pallet load. This permanently reduces film consumption to a minimum. The load is only packaged with one layer of film, an advantage over stretch wrapping technology where a load is wrapped multiple times with several layers. By developing efficient shrinking systems with low temperatures and adjustable heating rods, extremely thin film, down to 27 µm, can be used. The use of film with a percentage of up to 50% recycled material for improved sustainably has also proven successful for MSK systems. 
MSK shrinking systems consume up to 15% less gas than typical systems. When using the MSK Covershrink, additional savings of up to 40% are possible.

Easy maintenance

The machine head of the MSK Multitech hooding machine can be lowered down to working level. This makes maintenance very easy which can be carried out without ladders or a platform. Maintenance expenses are additionally reduced thanks to the low-maintenance timing belt technology.
Another benefit is that the film rolls are replaced outside the protective guards, so roll changes can be carried out without a standstill of the system. 

Individual packaging tests: let your product decide!

MSK assists customers with development and test series to save packaging material while maintaining the transport stability of pallet loads required according to EUMOS guidelines. In the customer test center specially established for this purpose, original customer products and comparative packaging procedures such as shrink packaging and stretch hooding as well as transport stimulations are used to develop custom solutions that are sustainable yet efficient.

In order to meet your needs, MSK also offers a hybrid packaging solution. Even in the case of a production of various products, each product individually can have a packaging that suits it best thanks to this system that allows pallets to be packed with both stretch and shrink hoods.

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