Complete systems for logistics centers

MSK complete systems for logistics centers

Automation of complete pallet logistics and load securing from one source

MSK is meeting the growing trend of automation embraced by Industry 4.0 with fully automated logistics systems focused on pallet packaging. MSK complete systems enable fully automated logistics for pallets without forklift traffic between incoming goods, high-bay warehouse, packaging area and outgoing goods. Data transfer and data security throughout the entire logistics process as well as digital interfaces with peripheral devices ensure an optimal level of automation.


  • Automatic pallet handling in the incoming goods department: fully automatic truck unloading and pallet unwrapping
  • Efficient load securing of picked goods using MSK palletizing and packaging lines with stretch hood or shrink packaging technology
  • Fully automatic pallet conveyor systems​​​​​​​ between incoming goods, high-bay warehouse, packaging area and outgoing goods
  • Automatic truck loading of pallets or storage in the high-bay warehouse
  • Easy operation, data transfer and data security for the entire logistics process using MSK EMSY 6 software

Networked, smart logistics processes with MSK EMSY

Using the control and visualization software MSK EMSY 6, MSK programmers can implement the required processes according to specific needs and visualize them for operators in a clear and comprehensible manner.

This database-supported software features communication interfaces with the customer's ERP system. It manages and links all information about peripheral devices such as scanners, weighing systems, labelers and more, and forwards the information to the customer system. All pallet data is continuously maintained throughout the entire logistics process.

Automatic pallet handling for incoming and outgoing goods

During truck unloading in the incoming goods department, pallets can be fed into the logistics system using an automatic system. The goods are scanned, registered in the ERP system and assigned to a destination. In turn, the control software of the conveying system, MSK EMSY, reports pallet positions and data back to the customer's ERP system. This networking also enables the customer system to automatically trigger the generation of shipping documents in the outgoing goods department, for example. Thanks to smart pallet sorting in the outgoing goods department, the MSK system allows for fully automatic truck loading without forklift traffic.

Special packaging systems for load securing of picked goods

MSK packaging systems for load securing of picked products on pallets are adapted to the specific requirements in logistics and distribution centers. MSK stretch hood or shrink hood machines flexibly adapt to the different pallet loads. This allows for minimal film consumption and a high degree of load stability. Using patented MSK technology, the pallet feet remain film-free, enabling smooth handling with AGV transport systems, in automated high-bay warehouses or for automated truck loading.

Customized engineering

Based on decades of experience in various industries, MSK specialists prepare complete customized solutions according to specific customer requirements using MSK systems such as