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Shrink wrapping machines for beverages

MSK shrink packaging for the beverage industry

Shrink wrapping solutions for beverage pallets

High transport stability with virtually no pressure on product and subpackaging - This task describes a common requirement in the pallet wrapping in the beverage industry and is the central feature of the MSK shrink packaging solutions .

With a MSK shrink packaging product and subpackaging form a stable transport unit, even in very different pallet dimensions and even in summer at high temperatures up to 70°C  in trucks. This is crucial, especially with ½ and ¼ pallets as the layer size is not conducive to stacking stability on the pallet and intermediate layers are more and more omitted. Special shrink films with high UV stability offer a lasting UV protection for the beverage products in comparison to other packaging solutions.

MSK shrink hood applicator:

Individual film hoods for changing product formats

Different pallet sizes (Euro, industrial, ½ or ¼-pallets) must be processed with an ever increasing requirement for quickness. The shrink hood applicator MSK Multitech packs different pallet sizes with film of different size and thickness. Depending on the size of the pallet the device prepares a pass fit film hood and pulls it over the pallet load without making contact with it. 


  • Packaging of products with changing dimensions with up to 6 different film formats and thicknesses 
  • Film saving through the use of thinner films as well as precise and individual preparation of the film hood
  • Problem-free use of perforated films for the prevention of condensation or films with high UV stability
  • High transport safety and very good advertising for your product
  • MSK Clean design
  • Easy maintenance due to lowerable machine head and maintenance-free time belt technology
  • Safe shrink technique with low temperatures

Rotatable film hood

Optionally, the MSK Multitech is also available with a rotating film head. This automatically adjusts the film hood to the orientation of the pallets. So you can pack ½ and ¼-pallets without rotation. 

MSK Clean design for the beverage industry

MSK answered the high hygiene standards of the beverage industry with clean design: time belts instead of chains provide for maximum hygiene, the entire handling of the film is done without hydraulics. 

Shrink hoods as transport and theft protection for high-quality displays

With MSK Multitech your displays can also be safely packed in high packing cycles. Compared to conventional stretch wrap systems the contact-free film hooding and the pressureless shrinking process guarantee a sealed and anti-theft packaging without deformations.

  • Contact-free packaging also of top-heavy displays 
  • Optimal display effect without deformation

MSK Position gantry

The special positioning gantry developed by MSK automatically lifts display pallets and places them safely on the conveyor system of the packaging line.

  • Optimal positioning on the conveyor system 
  • High level of security when handling

MSK Safe shrink technology

Protects the product and the environment 

MSK shrink frames have an energy-efficient low-temperature mixed air system. The hot air stream is automatically adjusted to the pallet size and shrink zone and thus enables a pallet specific shrinkage.

  • Further energy savings due to combination with the energy saving module MSK Shrinkcover
  • Certified safety system (DVGW certified) with air and gas pressure monitoring
  • Maintenance-free MSK heating elements with a 5 year warranty

The well-known undershrink process - developed by MSK - smoothes the film far under the pallet. This is the basis for vertical stability in the film and is thus a prerequisite for a high load stability even with thin film. 

Film form device

MSK pallet packaging systems offer a high-bay form device, which enables a release of the pallet base. A special molding of the film during the shrink process makes for the required free space between the pallet runners.

  • Ease of handling for the pallets  
  • Suitable for automatic rack storage
  • Suitable for transport with AGV transport systems

Energy saving module MSK Covershrink for up to 40% energy saving

The new, patent-pending MSK Covershrink, currently offers savings of up to 40 % of the required energy of a MSK shrink system depending on pallet size and film thickness. MSK packaging systems can now be equipped with the new add-on option or in many cases retrofitted.

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