MSK Shrink Frames - Secure shrink wrapping for household appliances

Shrink wrapping for household appliances

MSK pallet shrink wrap for household appliances

Efficient transport packaging

A clean, undamaged packaging in which the device is easily visible has been shown to reduce the rate of transport damage.

The transport packaging of household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc. consists of primary and secondary packaging. Regarding pressure sensitivity or stability it is possible that the primary packaging makes special demands on the film packaging. Contrariwise a certain secondary packaging method means that savings may be possible in the primary packaging.

Highest transport safety and packaging flexibility with MSK shrink wrap

Shrink Wrapping has, in the face of the manifold demands presented by the field of transport packaging, proved itself to be an excellent technology. It is the most commonly used and often also the most reliable pallet packaging procedure for the leading manufacturers of household appliances.


  • High transport safety for your product
  • Modern product marketing
  • Excellent display effect (ClearView effect) with high protection
  • Problem-free use of perforated films for the prevention of condensation
  • Energy and film costs savings through thinnest films

Highly flexible MSK film sleeving system:

Cost-efficient packaging of different product formats

Designed specifically for cost-efficient packaging of very different product formats MSK has designed the film sleeving process MSK Flowtech.


  • Particularly suitable for the packaging of different product formats (length, width)
  • Film savings through the use of thinner films and precise film sleeves for each individual product
  • Easy film handling due to horizontally mounted film rolls
  • Highest packaging performance of up to 400 products per hour (depending on product)

MSK hood applicator:

Individual film hoods for changing product formats

With the shrink hood system MSK Multitech various product formats can be packaged flexibly and in a small space.


  • Packaging of changing product dimensions with up to 4 different film formats or film thicknesses
  • Film savings through the use of thinner films as well as precise and individual assembly of the film hood
  • Low space requirements due to compact design
  • Easy maintenance due to lowerable machine head
  • Safe shrink technique at low temperatures
  • High packaging performance of up to 240 products per hour (depending on product)

MSK Safety Shrink-frames:

Protect both the product and the environment

MSK offers three different shrink frame systems. The product-specific combination of a film sleeving system or a film hooding system and a MSK shrink frame system provides a cost-effective MSK packaging system for the transport packaging. Thanks to the use of the internationally known MSK Undershrink process - as developed by MSK - the tensile strength of the film is fully developed and provides the maximum possible transport stability of the wrapped household appliances on delivery. The process smoothes the film to far below the product. The products can be safely stacked, loaded and transported.


  • Energy-efficient low-temperature mixed air system
  • Product specific shrinkage: Automatic adaptation of the warm air flow to each product size and shrink zone
  • Additional energy savings when used in combination with the MSK Shrinkcover
  • Modern and certified Safety System (DVGW certified) with air and gas monitoring
  • Maintenance-free MSK heating elements with 5 year warranty

Patent-pending MSK Covershrink offers up to 40% energy savings

MSK shrink packaging systems can currently be equipped or retrofitted with the newly developed energy saving module MSK Covershrink. The MSK Covershrink, depending on the film thickness and product format, offers an energy saving of up to 40%.

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