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Do you want to package your products optimally and pay attention to environmental aspects at the same time? In times of increased energy and film costs, we offer you optimal pallet load securing. Our MSK specialists will be happy to advise you at Achema 2022.
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Safe MSK pallet packaging for the chemical industry

MSK serves the needs of the chemical industry, with its special packaging requirements, with its hood stretching systems. Flammable substances or chemical production processes require machines and packaging processes that consume neither gas nor heat. On the way to climate neutrality, solutions are needed without the use of fossil fuels and with sustainably low energy consumption. MSK stretch hood systems are often the suitable packaging solution in such cases. With 5-sided load securing, you can sustainably reduce your transport costs.

With MSK chemical design machine components, not only MSK packaging machines but also all other MSK systems can be designed to optimize corrosion protection. The use of stainless steel and plastic coatings for selected machine components plays an important role in enabling operation in the environment of a chemical production plant.

Flexible stretch hood packaging technology MSK Tensiontech

With its special film stretching process, the fully automatic MSK Tensiontech stretch hood machine enables the packaging of a wide variety of palletized products from the chemical industry with a stretch hood. The MSK system stretches the film hood specifically for each pallet format in any coordinates in longitudinal and transverse direction. Thus, the MSK Tensiontech offers the flexibility you need.

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Product innovation: MSK Wraptech hood stretching line for standard applications

The fully automatic MSK Wraptech hood stretching line is specially tailored for bags, octabins or big bags. The line is very easy to operate and offers everything for efficient packaging of up to 60 pallets per hour. The new hood stretcher is also equipped with maintenance-free toothed belt technology and does not use hydraulics at all.

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The advantages speak for themselves!

With its special and patented MSK technology, the device for gathering the film (EP 1 353 847), the MSK vertical stretch process (EP 1 717 148) and the maintenance-free stainless steel clamping corners, the use of even the thinnest films is made possible. The machine head can be lowered to the working level; platforms and ladders are not required. Due to the ground-level access, MSK packaging machines offer a high degree of ease of operation and maintenance. MSK stretch hood packaging lines are also characterized by very low energy consumption. Without the use of gas and heat, MSK stretch hood technology offers a safe and sustainable packaging solution.

Sustainability and data tracking supported by MSK's digital product range

Sustainability is also increasingly enabled and visualized through the digitalization of processes. For example, the latest digital MSK EMSY products enable MSK equipment to be monitored in terms of energy and film consumption in real time with live key figures and statistics. The MSK EMSY 6 software networks the machine controls into an intelligent overall system and makes a significant contribution to the automation of the entire packaging line. The MSK EMSY software also offers an interface to the well-known ERP systems. With the MSK EMSY Smart App, you are always up to date wherever you are. Even if you are not on site, the live information enables fast and targeted action with the employees in the production facility. Course deviations can be discussed preventively with the team on site.

MSK conveyor systems for your automated flow of goods

The automation of your intralogistics already starts with the fully automated truck unloading. Already at the goods receiving department, the delivered pallets can be fed into the internal logistics via an automatic system. Automatic truck loading is also possible. Furthermore, MSK offers not only stationary conveyors for transport, but also mobile transfer carriages (MSK Linktech) and driverless transport systems (AGV). Thus, the disturbance caused by forklift traffic and undesirable exhaust fumes can be avoided. Experienced project engineers develop customized layout concepts for this purpose. Feel free to contact us at Achema 2022.

Our references speak for themselves. Read our case study about the MSK intralogistics system at Bayer Dormagen here.

MSK - Partner of the industry for palletizing, conveying and packaging systems

For more than 45 years, the MSK Covertech Group, with today more than 500 employees and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, USA and China, has been one of the leading manufacturers of palletizing, conveying and packaging machines for automating the entire pallet handling process from goods receipt to truck loading or to the finished goods warehouse. Well-known manufacturers such as Bayer, BASF, Lanxess, MC Bauchemie and Sabic are among MSK's regular customers. MSK develops and produces conveyor technology and packaging systems with a high degree of vertical integration itself and also controls its systems with its own software.

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