MSK stretch hood packaging for chemitry pallets

Stretch hooding for chemical products

MSK stretch packaging systems for the chemical industry

MSK stretch hood solutions for pallets loaded with chemicals

The chemical industry has special pallet packaging requirements: Products must be optimally protected by their packaging during transport. Flammable materials or production processes require machines and packaging processes which do not use either gas or heat. A stretch hood packaging system is often the appropriate packaging solution in such cases.

Depending on the required load stability as well as their pressure sensitivity chemical products can be secured on pallet with a stretch hood packaging. MSK uses special techniques for the stretch hood solutions, which enable reliable film welds even when the film is highly pre-stretched. A film gathering and stretching technology with MSK vertical stretch and a reliable film application at the pallet foot ensure an optimum load stability.

Special packaging machines models for chemical production plants 

MSK offers packaging machines designs specifically for the chemical industry. The utilization of stainless steel and plastic coatings for selected machine components plays an important role to enable the operation in the environment of a chemical production plant.

Flexible stretch hood packaging machine for stable load units in the chemical industry

The fully automatic stretch hood system MSK Tensiontech enables the packaging of a wide variety of chemical products on pallets with a stretch hood due to its special film tensioning procedure. The MSK system stretches the film hood specifically to each palette format at any coordinate in longitudinal and transverse direction. The special MSK technique with patented device to gather the film and the MSK Vertical film stretching procedure allows the use of thin films.


  • No use of gas and heat
  • Cost savings through the use of thinner films
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance through lowerable machine head and maintenance-free time belt technology

Additional modules for highest load stability

MSK belt stretch / collar stretch / understretch procedure

Special film application processes strengthen the pallet load in particularly critical load areas by the placement of an additional film belt.

  • Belt stretch procedure:an additional film belt increases the load in the lower area.
  • Collar stretch procedure:The film is applied like a belt on the top panel of the pallet. The pallet foot remains film-free.
  • Understretch procedure:The film is applied deep under the pallet.



MSK Hybrid Systems

Stretch hood and shrink hood combined

MSK offers so-called hybrid solutions, i.e.packaging systems, whereby the pallets can be packaged with both a stretch hood as well as with a shrink hood. Depending on customer requirements and production planning a wide variety of films can be processed in one and the same packaging machine.


  • Packaging solution for a wide range of chemical products
  • High flexibility, also for future products
  • Savings on energy and packaging material 
  • The machine head can be lowered to ground level, which notably simplifies maintenance
  • Maintenance-free time belt technology 
  • Fully automated processing of up to 4 different shrink or stretch film formats or film thicknesses

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