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For logistics centers and most companies, the handling of internal transport can take time and easily become a dangerous operation (simultaneous traffic of forklift, hand trolley, etc.). With many years of experience in providing systems for end of line intralogistics, MSK can help you create a safest and more efficient workplace.

In order to prepare loads for their upcoming transport, whether internal or external, MSK has designed pallet hooding solutions for logistics (stretch, shrink or hybrid packaging) allowing to secure the load thanks to a 5-side protection. MSK packaging solutions are suitable for picked loads thanks to its high flexibility. Products on top of the pallet are thus well-protected against external factors like dust, dirt or bad weather conditions but also well-compacted so they do not fall out during road, sea or rail transport. As a consequence, damages during transport are reduced.

When it comes to pallet transport, automation is a way to both save time and secure a workplace. According to the specificities of your plant, MSK engineers will be able to design tailor-made solutions for pallet conveying including roller and chain conveyors, plastic belt conveyors, slat conveyors, vertical conveyors, accumulation conveyors, turntables, corner transfer units, etc. – even for voluminous loads.

Beyond stationary conveying, MSK product range also includes mobile conveying such as AGV (automated guided vehicles) offering high flexibility and ability to adapt to varying transport tasks. MSK shuttle cars can also be used, reaching a speed of up to 100 m per minute. After a careful study made on site, other pallet conveying systems can be installed such as MSK elevators.

Efficiency can be enhanced thanks to MSK automated truck loading and unload system. Optimum truck capacity utilization is ensured thanks to the use of transmitted pallet data.

Opt for a connected logistics process! All MSK pallet conveying solutions can be managed together thanks to a pallet handling and logistics software, MSK EMSY. Through network connectivity, the MSK EMSY receives commands for the destinations of pallet loads and can report pallet positions and pallet related data back to the ERP system. In addition, the software offers interfaces to communicate with ERP systems as well as with peripheral devices such as scanners, scales or labelers.

With more than 6,000 MSK systems sold to date, start automating your pallet logistics for smooth and safest transport!

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