High-performance packaging system for Capri Sun

Innovation for a unique project.

MSK Verpackungs-Systeme GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of packaging and logistics systems for pallet units and large containers, has delivered a new high-performance shrink packaging system for the Deutsche SiSi-Werke GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG in Heidelberg / Eppelheim, part of the WILD Group. Due to the increased performance requirements in the production process of the well known fruit drink Capri-Sun the packaging system was newly developed and this packaging technology is unique to the beverage industry.

Safe trasport packaging- the appearance is important

For many years the world's number one drink in a small flexible package has been successfully using MSK technology to package its product for transportation with the film shrink-wrapping system at its production plant in Eppelheim. Thanks to the film hood, the product is safely and completely protected against water, dust and dirt on the pallet. The shrink packaging gives the beverage pallets a higher load stability, an essential prerequisite for multiple reloading when using road, rail and maritime transport. The clean shrink wrapping gives full display effect to the famous fruit drink Capri Sun.

High quality packaging in a mixed operation.

The previous packaging system for Capri Sun, a fully automatic plant with the MSK shrink hood film, MSK Paratech, packed Euro pallets and CHEP pallets in a mixed operation. In contrast to Euro pallets, CHEP pallets are automatically transported sideways after the shrink process via an MSK elevator, to a mother pallet, where they are stacked. There they are lightly secured. Through the use of the encapsulated, indirect heating system MSK Recotech, which works without an open flame, the outlet temperature of the hot air on the shrink frame is lowered. A mechanical process for the adaptation of the burner strips to different pallet dimensions is therefore not required. The low temperature of the heated air discharged by the special mixed air system also allows a gentle treatment of the shrink film and thus the use of thinner films, which in turn leads to significant savings in film costs. Furthermore, the burners of the MSK shrink frame are also maintenance-free. The advantage of these technical measures is that after ten years of perpetual usage, the sytem works just as perfectly as the day that it was delivered.

No rotation of pallets - so far unique

The plant in Eppelheim places high demands on the new system: high performance, a greater variety of pallets and a higher production rate. The MSK solution satisfies all of these demands. The new MSK Multitech shrink hooding system with a capacity of 140 pallets per hour has the machine has especially been equipped with a rotatable film gripping unit. This newly developed MSK film swivel head is so far unique in the packaging industry. Since film rolls, on the basis of the side fold tube constellation, always have to be mounted parallel to the conveyor system, a prerequisite for an optimal packaging system was that the pallet direction be either lengthwise or crosswise. The film hood could not be pulled over a palette whose format was not in keeping with the position of the film roll. Throughout the entire industry, this requirement was solved, until now, by turning the entire pallet, in particular to adapt the CHEP pallet format to the film alignment. This procedure means a certain residual risk for bulk cargo, e.g. in the case of a damaged pallet or a loose product load. Deutsche SiSi Werke, the pallets needed to be rotated at high packaging speeds. These requirements could not be met. New innovative designs were called for and MSK rose to the challenge. The pallet is no longer rotated until its position matches with the orientation of the film hood. Instead the film head of the stretch hood is now adjusted by means of a specially developed range of the rotary device size. When packaging with the new MSK system at the Deutsche SiSi Werke, CHEP pallets and Euro pallets can be packaged individually, with perfect results and lowest film consumption without the need of rotation or alignment.

Energy savings through flexibility

That is also possible with the MSK Synchrotech with its new high-performance integrated heating system. It has two gas regulators instead of only one which means that the longitudinal and transverse sides of the shrink frame can be controlled independently. This makes the system suitable for a variety of different pallet dimensions without having to adjust the heating strips mechanically.

The shrink frame adjusts itself to the different formats, optimally and fully automatically. This leads to further energy savings while retaining the high standards of safety and the gentle foil shrinkage.

Pallet handling is simplified

For easier handling of the pallet, after the shrink process an extra foil can be applied to the actual pallet with holes for the forks of a fork lift truck, for additional stability. In the interests of increased safety for pallets which are stored on high shelves, there is an option of automatically applying a special high-shelf film.


Complex Packaging Systems - all from a single source

The MSK Covertech Group is one of the world's first addresses for the packaging machine industry. In addition to semi-automatic and automatic shrink systems, the manufacturer also offers stretch packaging solutions specifically for the beverage industry. MSK also offers conveyor technology, handling systems and unwrapping machines - everything from a single source. MSK places particular value on a high availability and security of the machines and is known for customer-specific innovations: "The tailor-made customer packaging and conveying systems are tested and the results analyzed, in our customer test centre, using the customer's original product in cooperation with our customers. In doing so, we combine our know-how with that of the customer. The resulting unique systems and procedures create a real competitive advantage for our customers," explains sales and marketing director Uwe Jonkmanns.

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