MSK Multitech - shrink hood system for high load stability

Shrink wrapping paper & printing

MSK pallet shrink wrap machines for paper and cardboard products

Highly sensitive papers, wrapped in reams or unwrapped, as well as a wide range of cardboards, require secure packaging for storage and transport. Loading units which can weigh several tons, multiple reloading, new pallet formats and of course effective moisture and humidity protection present high demands that often require tailor-made solutions.

Demands of different paper products on pallet packaging systems

Our customers' products place different demands on pallet wrapping systems. That is why MSK offers different industrial pallet shrink wrap solutions for different types of products such as the film sleeving system (MSK Flowtech) or the hood applicator system (MSK Multitech).

Folio-size products - a variety of pallet formats

Paper and cardboard, as loose sheets or packed in reams or boxes on the pallet places high demands on the transport stability, protection against dust and the flexibility of the packaging system. A large variety of pallet sizes must be packed with the lowest possible amount of packaging material and thus as cost effectively as possible. Hitherto unknown pallet sizes should not lead to additional investment. That is why MSK developed the highly flexible shrink film sleeving system: MSK Flowtech. For a less varied range of pallet formats, the shrink hood system MSK Multitech offers an economic solution.

Paper Rolls - high load stability

The biggest requirement in the packaging of paper rolls is, in addition to the dust protection, the load stability. Since standardized pallet sizes are most common, the shrink hood system MSK Multitech frequently offers an optimal packaging solution.

Print products - Changing pallet loads

Print products must be packed well protected against dirt. The shrink hood system MSK Multitech is one of the most recommended packaging solutions in this field and meets the requirements of the changing pallet formats in the printing industry. 

If the print products are sub-packed in boxes also a stretch hood solution can be applied with the help of the MSK Tensiontech. In order to avoid deformations, the pressure on the product from the MSK Tensiontech may not be too high.

Film sleeving machine MSK Flowtech

Cost-efficient packaging of specific folio-size products

The shrink film sleeving system MSK Flowtech was designed and developed specifically for the cost-effective packaging of very different pallet formats.


  • Particularly suitable for folio-sizes
  • Film savings through the use of thinner films and precise film sleeves for each individual package
  • Easy film handling

Hood applicator MSK Multitech

Individual film hoods for varying pallet formats

The packaging with a shrink hood, which will be adapted specifically to different pallet sizes is a particularly efficient solution for palletized print products, paper rolls and a limited number of cut-size products.



  • Packaging of varying pallet sizes with up to 4 different film formats or film thicknesses
  • Film savings through the use of thinner films
  • Low space requirements due to compact design
  • Ergonomic maintenance due to lowerable machine head

MSK Safety Shrink-frames:

Gentle on the product and the environment

The product-specific combination of film sleeving system alternatively hood applicator system and a MSK shrink frame system provides an optimal and cost efficient packaging system for the packaging of pallets.


  • Energy-efficient low-temperature mixed air system 
  • Automatically adjusted warm air flow for pallet-specific shrinkage
  • With integrated shrink press available for compressible pallet loads  
  • Modern and certified Safety System (DVGW certified) with air pressure, gas pressure and flame monitoring
  • No preheating, no soot formation
  • Maintenance-free MSK heating elements with a 5 year warranty

MSK Undershrink procedure:

Through the use of the MSK Undershrink procedure which applies the film below the pallet runners, the tensile strength of the film develops its full potential and ensures a maximum possible load stability for packages on the pallet.

Up to 40% energy savings with MSK Covershrink

MSK shrink packaging machines can now be equipped or retrofitted with the new, patent-pending energy saving module MSK Covershrink. This means that, depending on the film thickness and the pallet size, heat energy savings of up to 40% can be realized. The MSK Covershrink can also be combined with an MSK Shrink press which is integrated into the shrink frame.

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