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MSK pallet shrink wrap machines for paper and cardboard products

Highly sensitive papers, wrapped in reams or unwrapped, as well as a wide range of cardboards, require secure packaging for storage and transport. Loading units which can weigh several tons, multiple reloading, new pallet formats and of course effective moisture and humidity protection present high demands that often require tailor-made solutions.

MSK packaging systems for different demands in the paper industry

Our customers' products place different demands on pallet wrapping systems. That is why MSK offers different industrial pallet shrink wrap solutions for different types of products such as the film sleeving system (MSK Flowtech) or the hood applicator system (MSK Multitech).

Folio-size products - a variety of pallet formats

Paper and cardboard, as loose sheets or packed in reams or boxes on the pallet places high demands on the transport stability, protection against dust and the flexibility of the packaging system. A large variety of pallet sizes must be packed with the lowest possible amount of packaging material and thus as cost effectively as possible. Hitherto unknown pallet sizes should not lead to additional investment. That is why MSK developed the highly flexible shrink film sleeving system: MSK Flowtech. For a less varied range of pallet formats, the shrink hood system MSK Multitech offers an economic solution.

Paper Rolls - high load stability

The biggest requirement in the packaging of paper rolls is, in addition to dust protection, load stability. Since standardized pallet sizes are most common, the shrink hood system MSK Multitech frequently offers an optimal packaging solution.

Print products - For pallet loads often changing

Print products must be well-protected against dirt. The shrink hood system MSK Multitech is one of the most recommended packaging solutions in this field and meets the requirements of the changing pallet formats in the printing industry. 

If print products are sub-packed in boxes also a stretch hood solution can be applied with the help of the MSK Tensiontech. In order to avoid deformations, the pressure on the product from the MSK Tensiontech will not be too high.

Film sleeving machine MSK Flowtech

Cost-efficient packaging of specific folio-size products

The shrink film sleeving system MSK Flowtech was designed and developed specifically for the cost-effective packaging of very different pallet formats.


  • Particularly suitable for folio-sizes
  • Greatest possible flexibility when packing a wide variety of pallet formats
  • Film savings through the use of thinner films and precise film sleeves for each individual package
  • Fully recyclable films and films made of recycled materials available.
  • Easy film handling thanks to horizontal arrangement of film rolls
  • Maintenance-free time-belt technology

MSK Flowtech functioning in detail

Top sheet applicator

Top sheet applicators are equipped with an automatic length and width recognition of the pallet, which ensures that the top sheet film is cut to the perfect size. The lateral and horizontal arrangement of the film roll next to the conveyor section allows it to be changed quickly and easily. Film roll diameters of up to 1,000 mm also allow significantly longer replacement intervals.

Customized film sleeve

With highly varying pallet dimensions, the MSK Flowtech also proves its great level of flexibility even under high performance. The machine recognizes the pallet dimensions fully automatically, and supplies a tailor-made film sleeve.

Film sleeving system

The film sleeve is put tightly around the transport unit. Thanks to the sleeve adjusting to the individual pallet dimensions, pre-shrinking of the corners is not necessary.

Reliable film cutting with a blade

After the film sleeve is welded together, it is neatly cut off with a knife. There is no soot generation as with thermal cutting processes. The knife can also be easily replaced.

Film folding device (EP 2 815 985 B1)

The overlapping film sleeve on the top side of the paper unit is folded neatly on the top of the pallet by the film folding device. Even with limited film formats, this cares for a reliable packing result during the subsequent shrinking process and saves up to 20 % of energy.

Horizontal film rolls

Film roll diameters of up to 1,000 mm or weights of up to 1 tonne are possible due to the horizontal arrangement. The line processes up to six different film formats. The film roll replacement takes place without any loss of time: The film rolls remain in the horizontal position, only the film curtain changes. The rolls can be exchanged easily and outside the safety area by means of a quick replacement device.

Load centering device (EP 1 716 063)

With the help of the MSK load centering device, non-centered paper units or displaced loads can automatically be aligned precisely and can be centered prior to the packaging. This ensures high transport safety to the packaging line and a better packaging result.

Hood applicator MSK Multitech

Individual film hoods for varying pallet formats

Packaging with a shrink hood, which will be adapted specifically to different pallet sizes is a particularly efficient solution for palletized print products, paper rolls and a limited number of cut-size products.


  • High load stability and transport safety for your product
  • Packaging of varying pallet sizes with up to 6 different film formats or film thicknesses
  • Film savings through the use of thinner films
  • Low space requirements due to compact design
  • Ergonomic maintenance due to lowerable machine head
  • Excellent promotional effect while offering protection against moisture and dirt
  • Readability of barcodes and logos through the film
  • Films made of recycled materials and fully recyclable films possible
  • Reliably calculable film consumption

MSK Multitech functioning in detail

In-line systems: Alternatives for high packaging performance

With in-line systems, the hood covering and hood shrinking processes occur simultaneously in consecutive positions. With these processes operating in parallel, high packaging performance can be achieved.

Compact model: Space-saving design

With the compact model, hood covering and shrinking take place in one spot. This means the model is suited optimally for limited space conditions and medium-level packaging performance.

Special MSK process for reliable film welds

Using a special MSK process, the MSK Multitech assembles film hoods with a high-quality film weld seam.

MSK Safety Shrink-frames:

Gentle on the product and the environment

The product-specific combination of film sleeving system alternatively hood applicator system and a MSK shrink frame system provides an optimal and cost efficient packaging system for the packaging of pallets.


  • Energy-efficient low-temperature mixed air system 
  • Automatically adjusted warm air flow for pallet-specific shrinkage
  • With integrated shrink press available for compressible pallet loads  
  • Modern and certified Safety System (DVGW certified) with air pressure, gas pressure and flame monitoring
  • No preheating, no soot formation
  • Maintenance-free MSK heating elements with a 5-year warranty

MSK Undershrink procedure:

The MSK Undershrink process fixes the packaging film well below the runner boards of the pallet while the pallet is being shrink-wrapped. This gives the shrink film an optimal hold, and offers the greatest possible load stability for the packages on the pallet. With this method, the film thickness can be reduced on average by up to 20 %.

Energy-saving MSK Covershrink module

The patented MSK Covershrink (EP 2 740 673 B1) reduces the gas consumption of an MSK shrink packaging system by up to 40 %depending on the film thickness and pallet format. Additionally, it helps ensure noticeably reduced noise emissions.

Shrink-wrapping with electric heating system

The MSK Corritech electric shrink frame model with eCovershrink works completely without the use of gas, helping companies on their way to climate neutrality. This allows highly stable shrink wrapping to be realized, while sustainably waiving fossil fuels – without compromises.

Film-free pallet feet with MSK Formtech

The developed and patented MSK Formtech (EP 3 147 226) provides film forming between the pallet blocks, which allows for the automated pallet handling in high-bay storage systems, AGVs, and automated truck loading systems for standard pallets.

Shrink press

In the case of compressible loads, the products are compressed during or after the shrink process with a preselected compression pressure of up to max. 5 tons. As the product is compressed to its minimum size, the vertical clamping forces of the shrink film are fully effective. In addition, the top shrink is optimally sealed.

MSK Anti-Collage process

The film is shrunk and does not stick to the goods or sub-packaging. This ensures an optimal display effect and trouble-free unpacking. Without requiring the use of an expensive “separating” film.

Hybrid systems for maximum flexibility

MSK offers a hybrid solution that can package pallets with stretch-hood film, shrink-hood film, or even stretchable shrink-hood film. This way, depending on customer needs and production planning, different films can be processed, using the same packaging system.

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