conventional msk palletizer

Conventional MSK palletizing technology

Conventional palletizing technology for a wide range of products and performance requirements based on the modular principle


Fully automatic layer palletizer and depalletizer for bottles, cartons, boxes and other products

MSK supplies suitable palletizer solutions for the automatic palletizing and depalletizing of different products such as glass container types, cartons, boxes, etc. and for every required machine capacity. The MSK modular principle offers a high degree of flexibility when expanding your palletizing systems, regardless of whether semi-automatic or fully automatic palletizing systems in the form of conventional column palletizers or gantry palletizers, or even robot palletizers are in use.


  • Palletizing and depalletizing for every required capacity
  • Automatic layer palletizers for specified packing patterns 
  • Modular design with various palletizing heads and extensive additional modules
  • Fully automatic handling of empty pallets, trays, labelling, etc. 
  • Short downtimes for job change
  • Good accessibility, easy maintenance and low wear
  • Easy operation with the MSK EMSY visualization software

Fully automatic column palletizing systems MSK Triotech and MSK Duotech

The fully automatic MSK Triotech and MSK Duotech palletizing systems are single-column palletizing systems, equipped with a rotating arm. The palletizing column is firmly connected to the ground and only the palletizer arm swivels around the column. This saves energy and minimizes wear. Both palletizing systems can also be used as depalletizers. Their space-saving design makes them suitable for applications in the tightest of spaces. 
The MSK Duotech layer palletizer is designed for small and medium capacities of up to 2 layers per minute. The MSK Triotech palletizing system is designed for high-performance and highly complex palletizing applications with up to 3 layers per minute.

Fully automatic portal palletizing technology MSK Triotech

As a gantry system, the MSK Triotech palletizer or depalletizer is a fully automatic solution for high capacities of up to 3 layers per minute. 

Timing belts ensure low-maintenance operation and perfect hygiene for your products.

High-performance portal palletizing technology MSK Quintech

The high-performance palletizing system MSK Quintech is a portal system that has been developed for high palletizing performances up to 4 layers per minute

It is characterized by precisely guided linear movements for extremely smooth palletizing and depalletizing

Semi-automatic portal palletizing system MSK Semitech

The palletizing system MSK Semitech is a simple portal palletizing system for low and medium performances up to 2 layers per minute. 

The head moves linearly and is therefore very suitable for semi-automatic palletizing applications with manual activities, often utilized as an individual palletizer for emergency operation.

MSK portal palletizer for large-format packages 

MSK uses a special portal palletizing solution when it comes to large-format or very heavy packages. The gantry palletizer places the products on pallets as required in mixed mode and according to changing requirements. The smooth movements of the gantry system ensure safe and precise handling. Integrated pallet conveyor systems in conjunction with a pallet magazine provide the individually required carrier pallets for the palletizer fully automatically.

With the MSK EMSY visualization software, complex palletizing processes virtually run themselves!

MSK EMSY (Electronic Management System) makes it easy to control complex palletizing systems. The clearly structured, intuitive user interface, easy-to-understand status information as well as a user support for almost all functions of the MSK EMSY allow to reduce training time for operators. It allows graphic operation with manual and automatic functions, it records operating data, it manages parameter profiles, it keeps statistics, it visualizes processes, it supports proactive maintenance, it allows remote maintenance using a 24h VPN hotline service, it makes troubleshooting easier and it offers options for internal information networking - and much more.

Accessories for your MSK palletizing technology

An extensive range of additional modules allows to adapt MSK palletizing systems perfectly to your individual requirements.

Integrated labelling for seamless information tracking from the palletizing station

The labelling system specially developed by MSK and integrated into the palletizing process enables seamless information tracking of your products right from the palletizing station. All you need is a paper label. During the palletizing process it is folded and wedged into the next bottle layer by way of a secure attachment. No use of glue or self-adhesive labels is necessary.

Securing of single layers for internal transport

Integrated in the palletizing system, the MSK Looptech film sleeving machine applies film sleeves before, during, or after the palletizing process on certain product layers. The system works in the tightest of footprints and is suitable for the highest production speeds.

Automatic layer centering

MSK centering frames automatically adjust to the layer dimensions and act as a centering aid to ensure optimum load stability on the pallet.

Handling of empty pallets and trays for the palletizing process

The degree of automation of an MSK palletizing system can be increased by a large selection of additional modules and thus adapted to a wide range of production and packaging requirements. These include modules such as tray maker, tray magazine, top sheet/intermediate tray feeder, empty pallet magazine, empty pallet feeder and much more.

Bottom film sheet for increased protection of palletized goods

MSK pallet magazines provide empty carrier pallets in various formats for the palletizing process. They are transported to the palletizing station via a pallet conveyor system as required and, if necessary, in mixed operation. The empty pallets can also be dressed in advance with a bottom film sheet, using an MSK dressing line. In combination with MSK shrink-wrapping for load securing, this provides perfect all-round protection for the entire pallet load.

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