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Automating and load securing with MSK hooding solutions

Securing loads is an important step as it enables goods to be transported undamaged and protected from dirt and moisture. To meet the requirements of various industries, MSK has developed stretch, shrink and even hybrid packaging solutions.

For all its systems, MSK uses premium components that are robust and reliable over time. If you require assistance, our after-sales service team based in Reyrieux will be happy to help and quickly thanks to our own network of technicians available 24/7 and every day of the year. Our service center with full technical capability is also available through remote control and communication means to support your maintenance and operation teams. MSK is able to provide thousands of spare parts references from its warehouse located in Reyrieux.

Unlike traditional spiral-stretch, with the MSK Tensiontech stretch hooder it is possible to use film made of 50% recycled material. MSK's special film stretching technology enables the film to be carefully and specifically stretched around the load, saving packaging material and increasing load stability. Moreover, with the MSK Tensiontech film consumption can be reliably calculated, allowing to save money in the long run.

Shrink-wrapping is also part of the MSK range of packaging systems. Just as strong and effective as MSK stretch-hooding, shrink-hooding also allows to save money when fitted with the patented MSK Covershrink module. Depending on film thickness and pallet dimensions, this can save up to 40% of the thermal energy required for pallet shrinking. Additionally, maintenance is made easy thanks to a lowerable head to operator level and maintenance-free heating elements. MSK even went a step further by developing an electric shrink frame, avoiding companies from using fossil fuels while benefiting from MSK shrink advantages with the MSK Corritech with eCovershrink.

Do not hesitate in making an appointment to have your products tested in our customer test center. Transport simulations can also be carried out to make sure that the MSK solution will match your products.

Automation and simplification with MSK conveyor solutions

Simplify your intralogistics today with MSK conveyor solutions. To make your workspace safer and more productive, rely on MSK pallet conveyor systems! There is no need to worry about forklift traffic anymore, for example.

Whether it is voluminous pallets or bottles, MSK has the right solution for you. Whether your plant requires static (chain or roller conveyors, turning tables etc.) or mobile conveyors (shuttle car, AGV etc.), MSK offers a wide range of conveyors!

Combined with fully automatic pallet packaging systems, MSK pallet conveyors act as an integrated transport system. Particularly during transport to the hooding machines, the precise positioning of the palletized load saves on consumables, as it reduces the perimeter of the hood. Furthermore, MSK conveying lines can be connected to the MSK EMSY software - allowing you to combine safety and savings.

Automation and protection with MSK unwrapping systems

Increase your production speeds and reduce your personal costs, thanks to MSK automatic unwrapping solutions. In fact, an automatic unwrapping system minimizes manual intervention by personal, enhancing safety in the workplace.

Whether pallets are secured with straps or are hooded, MSK has developed an automatic unwrapping solution to match your needs: the MSK Destraptech and MSK Defotech.

MSK unwrapping machines fit seamlessly into existing production workflows and can be easily connected to peripheral machines.

After unwrapping, the MSK Defotech automatically prepares films for recycling through a special film removal system. When using homogeneous film types, these can be completely recycled – an advantage that contributes to the profitability of the production line.

Automation from a single source

Thereby, we are specialized in the development and manufacture of complete systems for diverse industries to automate your entire end-of-line process, boosting productivity while reducing costs and environmental impact. MSK is a single-source supplier for all your needs: from pallet packaging to conveyor systems, palletizing, unwrapping and line supervision software.

MSK – Your turnkey supplier

For almost 40 years, MSK Emballage has been one of the leading brands for palletizing, packaging, conveying and unwrapping solutions for your end of line. Based in Reyrieux since 1984, MSK offices in France is ready to welcome you in order to provide you with the most accurate pieces of advice and test your products with our MSK packaging solutions. With more than 600 installations in France, MSK has acquired a large number of references from diverse industries. All MSK systems is being manufactured with a high level of vertical integration, premium components and each of them can be controlled via MSK own software.


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