Fully automated and high-precision palletizing

Palletizing systems for logistics centers

MSK robotic palletizing systems for the logistics industry

Maximum flexibility in a confined space with MSK palletizing robots

MSK robotic palletizers like the MSK Robotech have the ability to provide highly efficient and flexible palletizing and depalletizing of products even in more limited space conditions. Thanks to their modular design, they can be equipped with a wide range of palletizing heads and add-on modules, offering the largest possible flexibility.


  • Fully automated, high-precision palletizing
  • High flexibility within a small footprint
  • Suitable for varying products and layer patterns
  • Modular design and accessories
  • Easy maintenance and low wear

Multifunctional robot technology for a simpler intralogistics

Where needed, MSK robotic palletizers can be configured to handle layer tier sheets. For higher performance requirements, a separate layer sheet inserter is used. Automated pallet magazines contribute to performance enhancements of the robot palletizing system.

Extensive accessories to meet your specific needs

MSK palletizers can be expanded with a large selection of accessories such as centering frames, tray makers, tray magazines, empty pallet magazines, labelers and much more, which allow adaptation to a wide range of production and packaging needs and configurations.

Securing your loads for internal transport with the fully automated film-sleeving machine MSK Looptech

In order to secure unstable loads on their way from the palletizing station to the packaging system, the MSK Looptech wraps a film sleeve around critical load areas or individual layers. In contrast to strapping, the film sleeve is applied softly and gently around the load.
Available as a stand-alone solution or integrated in the palletizing system, the MSK Looptech sleeves can be applied before, during, or after the palletizing process on certain product layers. The system works in the tightest of footprints and is suitable for the highest production speeds.
Together with the film packaging, the film sleeves applied by the MSK Looptech can be 100% recycled. An important benefit in terms of disposal logistics and sustainability.


  • Securing of unpackaged loads for internal transport
  • Targeted stabilization of loads in critical areas
  • Integrated into palletizing systems or as stand-alone solution
  • Compared to strapping, film can be 100% recycled

Easy machine operation thanks to MSK EMSY software

With the MSK EMSY visualization software, the machine processes virtually run themselves! This helps reduce operator training periods. In addition to easy parametrization for a variety of product dimensions and configurations, the software also assists in troubleshooting, supplies consumption statistics, allows remote maintenance, secures data through automatic backups, and much more.

Beyond palletizing, MSK offers turnkey solutions  

In order to fully automatize your flow of material, MSK offers complete automatic systems. In combination with fully automatic palletizing and packaging systems, MSK conveyor systems work safely and reliably as an integrated transport and material flow system.


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