Stretch-hooding – A flexible and sustainable solution when having different product sizes


Limiting its environmental impact while reaching high performances and packing products of various dimensions are generally three major challenges of logistics centers. In order to satisfy these needs, Mobivia Group decided to move from shrink-hooding to MSK stretch-hooding to equip its new building. In addition, new conveyors have been installed to ensure gentle pallet transport as well as MSK EMSY software for easy control of the MSK line.

High flexibility and stability with the MSK Tensiontech

For Mobivia Group specialized in automobile repairs, equipment and maintenance, acquiring only one hooder able to pack different types of products is a real advantage. Indeed, on a daily basis the group must treat various automobile parts and is therefore often required to pack palletized loads by picking. In addition to a qualitative hooding on five sides thanks to MSK patented stretching method, the stretch-hooder MSK Tensiontech stabilizes and protects each pallet for a later transport – and all of this with a limited footprint.

To facilitate pallet handling in high-bay warehouses as well as transport via AGV systems, the group has decided to opt for MSK collar stretch system. The film is placed like a belt at the topboard of the pallet.

Reducing its carbon footprint with MSK stretch packaging

Besides quality hooding, MSK stretch packaging system has allowed the group to make savings since energy like gas is no longer required. Moreover, the MSK Tensiontech can treat recycled films or films made of biodegradable material.

MSK Tensiontech running at Mobivia Group:

As proof of the efficiency and reliability of MSK stretch packaging solution, Mobivia Group has ordered a second MSK Tensiontech stretch-hooder.

Gentle and stable pallet transport

When treating different product sizes, logistics centers must make sure that the pallet will remain stable during transport no matter its changing weight or height. As such, MSK conveyors are a reliable solution allowing to transport pallet gently and automatically. Mobivia group has seen this first-hand when conveying bulky loads such as tires. It is no longer required to use forklift trucks, which cannot bring as much stability as automatic conveyors.

For more 20 years, MSK conveying systems are part of MSK production with high quality standards. The use of premium components brings to companies efficiency and reliability in the long run.

Easy control of MSK line

At MSK one of our priorities is to increase your production efficiency but also to make operators' work easier. This is why MSK has developed its own digital product range which includes MSK EMSY line supervision software. It allows companies to easy control MSK line thanks to real-time data. This software has also been installed at Mobivia facility, operating troubleshooting by displaying potential causes and solutions, which enables operators to save time and take action faster. All the data is displayed graphically, making them easy to understand in case of shift work.

MSK – Simplify your intralogistics with MSK

Based in Reyrieux (near Lyon) since 1984, MSK Emballage SARL designs and produces complete systems for load securing, conveying and palletizing for several branches of industry and offers different software solutions. MSK Emballage belongs to the MSK Covertech Group present in Europe as well as in the USA and China through its own subsidiaries. Since 1975 the MSK Covertech Group has been one of the leading manufacturers of palletizing, conveying and packaging machines for the automation of the entire pallet handling process, from the incoming goods department to lorry loading or the finished goods warehouse. Its complete team is made up of experienced employees: project and design engineers and automation specialists handle the specific requests of customers and accompany them from the design phase to the after-sales services, including tests and transport simulations. Well-known companies from a wide variety of industries belong to MSK’s solid customer base.
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