Sustainable load securing – MSK innovations at FACHPACK 2022


In times of higher energy and material costs, and to reduce CO2 emissions, MSK relies on sustainable, resource-saving packaging systems such as the new shrink frame generation with newly developed electric shrink system or the use of fully recyclable or recyclate-based films. Reducing the amount of different materials that are mixed together during packaging also plays a decisive role in lowering costs, and helps promote a sustainable recycling economy.

Mono-material packaging

Enclosed film hoods made with shrink-hood or stretch-hood film provide strong protection against theft and reliably protect pallet loads against dirt and moisture. Moreover, compared to spiral-stretch wrap packaging for example, their film consumption is calculable. Thanks to the high load stability it is frequently possible to do without additional packaging materials such as plastic straps. This makes mono-material packaging possible, simplifying the disposal and recycling process.

Energy-saving systems

To minimize energy consumption for shrink-wrapping, MSK utilizes a new generation of shrink frames. The newly developed technology lowers gas consumption by 13%. Additional savings of 40% are possible with the MSK Covershrink energy-saving kit. MSK's Corritech model operates without using any gas at all. Completely ceasing the use of fossil fuels helps companies on the road to climate neutrality, but without them having to relinquish the high stability of shrink wrapping. One reason MSK shrink-wrap machines are in such demand on the market is that they allow the use of recyclate-based or biologically degradable films. Moreover, the shrink-wrap film used is fully recyclable.

MSK also uses resource-saving technology in its stretch-hood systems. Through the compact design, the balance of vertical movements through counterweights, and a patented stretching method, they achieve a very low energy consumption of less than 0.07 kWh per pallet and can process the thinnest films of a thickness as low as 20 µm.

Enhanced efficiency through digitalization

Through the use of digital products such as the MSK EMSY software, it is possible to monitor energy and film consumption in real time using live figures and statistics. The software also links the controls of individual machines together to form an overall digital system, playing a key role in enhancing the efficiency of the entire packaging line. With the MSK EMSY smart app for smartphone or tablet the status of an entire system can be monitored without even having to be on site. This allows preventative measures to be taken in case of deviations – even when on the road. Here, the provided data always remains securely in the company’s own network.

Booming segment of automated pallet unwrapping

For decades already MSK has been supplying a fully automated MSK Defotech unwrapping machine to the beverage industry in particular. Due to the enormous rise in demand particularly for the unwrapping of spiral-stretch wrapped pallets with vertical strapping, MSK has now developed a destrapper. The MSK Destraptech fully automatically removes vertical straps from pallet loads. Thanks to a special MSK method of severing the straps on the upper side of the pallet load, the processing of up to 45 pallets per hour is possible, even with multiple straps, different strap patterns, and mixed production. The machine can act as stand-alone solution or be integrated in automated pallet handling systems. Particularly when used together with the MSK Defotech unwrapping machine, it can function as a fully automated unpacking system for pallet loads.

MSK – industry partner for palletizing, conveying and packaging systems

With more than 6,000 machines sold to date, over 500 employees, and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, the USA and China, for more than 45 years the MSK Covertech Group has been a leading manufacturer of palletizing, conveying and packaging machines for automating all pallet handling needs, from goods receipt right to truck loading or into the finished goods warehouse. Prominent manufacturers from a wide variety of industries belong to MSK’s regular customer base. MSK develops and produces conveyor technology and packaging systems with high vertical integration, and controls its systems with its own software.



27 – 29 September 2022    
Nuremberg, Germany
Hall 4, booth 4-561

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