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Reduce your costs and your carbon footprint at each step of your intralogistics with MSK's complete systems - this is how the French magazine VoxLog introduced MSK logistics and supply chain solutions!

With innovation as its guide, the company has developed over the years solutions that simplify end of line operations and automatize pallet logistics while bringing various benefits to companies: flexibility, traceability, cost reduction and decrease in the carbon footprint while building a safe and productive workplace.

MSK offers a complete range of solutions to simplify logistics operations: from stretch, shrink and hybrid hooding, to pallet conveying (even for voluminous loads), packaging of picked pallets, automatic palletizing, unwrapping, truck loading and unloading and software solutions.

With the range of software specially developed by MSK, MSK installations can easily be monitored e.g. the energy and film consumption in real time. In the long run, this reduces the cost of consumables and the environmental impact. Opt for connected logistics procedures!

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