Pallet logistics and load securing all from one source


In addition to the reduction of the CO2 footprint, for intralogistics systems the networking of the overall process in particular plays an increasingly important role. Data connections and communication with an ERP or MES system and digital interfaces are decisive for data security and an optimum degree of automation. At LogiMAT 2022 the MSK Covertech Group is showcasing tailored and sustainable solutions for everything from process automation in the areas of pallet logistics, load securing and labelling, right to the automated loading and unloading of trucks.

Pallet logistics all from one source

To a large extent the automation of pallet handling can begin already at goods receipt. There, automated truck unloading and fully automated unpacking of the pallet load ensure high pallet throughput, while facilitating optimum work safety and savings in personnel. Everything from pallet conveyor systems, palletizing and film packaging systems for securing loads on pallets, right to fully automated truck loading or the connection to high-bay storage systems – MSK supplies all your pallet handling needs from one source.

Automated unpacking at goods receipt

To automate pallet logistics not only at the end of the production line, but already at goods receipt, MSK offers a complete system all from one source to remove film and straps from pallets and for the subsequent depalletizing process. For this area the MSK portfolio includes the fully automated MSK Defotech unwrapping system, the fully automated MSK Destraptech destrapper, as well as portal or robot-type depalletizing systems.

Automation of pallet handling

In the material flow system, forklift traffic is increasingly being reduced or completely eliminated through the use of mobile pallet shuttle cars and AGVs. In addition to the improved operations this brings to the production process, it also reduces potential hazards for employees, and exhaust and noise are minimized. MSK offers an extensive portfolio of pallet conveyor systems, and designs the software in-house. All pallet data are reliably maintained throughout the entire logistics process. The system also communicates with customer ERP systems about the transport destination of a pallet, and can control the labeling, generate shipping orders in the outgoing goods department, and much more. When necessary, for automated truck-loading the MSK EMSY software can also look after controlled pre-sorting of pallets: In addition to the order picking for the pallets based on the ERP order, the distribution of load inside the truck is also looked after this way.

Sustainable load-securing

For securing packaged items on pallets, often the most economical and sustainable means is film-hood packaging. Selecting the suitable method can mean considerable savings in energy, materials and costs. Even with rising film costs, packaging unit costs can often be kept stable or even reduced when the right choice is made. Aside from the choice of packaging method (shrinking or stretching), another decisive factor is the choice of the packaging material – the film. Often it is possible to use thinner films or even films made of recycled material. For this, MSK offers manufacturers in a variety of industries comparative tests for different packaging methods and also transport simulations with original customer products. Technical centers set up specifically for this purpose allow fact-based decisions related to film needs and load stability. Optimized film packaging can also mean doing without additional materials such as straps, edge protection or carton trays. In addition to cost savings, this offers a homogeneous packaging solution that is 100% recyclable, and thus sustainable.

Energy savings

MSK consistently uses innovative technology and patented methods on its machines that reduce the use of energy and gas to a minimum and allow minimum film consumption. A lasting reduction in gas consumption is made possible by MSK shrink technology that was newly developed in 2020. Before the most recent developments in MSK shrink technology, mean energy requirements of an MSK shrink frame were already roughly 10% below the average. Now, the new shrink frame generation lowers gas consumption by an additional 13%.
Even the reduction of electricity consumption is systematically put into effect on MSK machines. For example, in places where there are constant vertical movements, motor capacity is reduced through the use of counterweights. Optimizations to the machine design, among others by reducing the weight of moving parts, help minimize energy consumption. For detailed monitoring, the MSK EMSY software supplies analyses and graphic statistics on film, electricity, gas and compressed air consumption per pallet. Assessments per shift, week, or month, etc. are also possible.

Data connectivity and digitalization with MSK EMSY

With the MSK EMSY software, all processes of the intralogistics system are displayed in easy-to-understand visualizations, and networked in the sense of Industry 4.0. Data connections and communication with an ERP or MES system as well as digital interfaces ensure data security and an optimum degree of automation. On top of that, the software also offers maintenance management, remote maintenance, or online diagnostics, and supplies consumption and production statistics.
The mobile solution using the MSK EMSY move software and a modern industrial tablet is a convenient solution particularly for long conveyor lines and palletizing or packaging systems with multiple modules, or for fine adjustment of drive systems in the field.
The user-friendly MSK EMSY smart app for smartphone or tablet is an information tool that displays status information of the systems, without having to be on site. Live information on performance indicators such as time statistics, availability, efficiency and error messages is available quickly, wherever you are, and allows prompt reactions to deviations from targets.

All-round service for the whole system

Since MSK offers everything from one source, the company can also offer complete service. Technical support is available around the clock with our 24-hour on-call service. With its international operations and multilingual service personnel, MSK is a reliable partner. To ensure that machines remain ready for reliable use for years to come, the availability of spare parts plays an important role. Thanks to the high vertical integration in the own production and thanks to regional spare parts storage facilities, MSK spare parts are available quickly, and will remain so for a long time.

MSK – Industry partner for palletizing, conveying, packaging and unpacking systems

With more than 6000 machines sold to date, roughly 500 employees, and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, the USA and China, for more than 45 years the MSK Covertech Group has been a leading manufacturer of palletizing, conveying, packaging and unwrapping machines for automating all pallet handling needs, from goods receipt right to truck loading or into the finished goods warehouse. Prominent manufacturers from a wide variety of industries belong to MSK’s regular customer base. MSK develops and produces conveyor technology and packaging systems with high vertical integration, and controls its systems with its own software.


MSK at LogiMAT 2022

31 May – 2 June 2022    
Messe Stuttgart, Germany
Hall 12, booth G16


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