Pallet conveyors for the glass industry

Pallet conveyors for the glass industry

MSK automated pallet conveyor systems for the hollow glass industry

Integrated pallet conveyor technology and intra-logistics systems as a complete Cold End Line

Modern technology in the Hot End increases the glass production. The increase in production capacities which have to be processed at the Cold End, places new demands on the pallet conveyor technology.

In combination with fully automatic palletizing robots, depalletizers and packaging systems, MSK pallet conveyor systems work fully automatically safely and reliably in an integrated transport and material flow system, controlled by the MSK software EMSY - all from a single source.

In particular, the development of customer-specific layout solutions is part of our engineering know-how. Ask us about individual solutions for pallet conveyor technology with special variants from the MSK Transtech pallet conveyor family as well as mobile MSK pallet transport systems such as the MSK Linktech shuttle cars.


  • Quiet and safe palette conveyance from production to truck loading without forklift traffic
  • Precise positioning of the conveyed unit in the packaging machine: Cost savings thanks to minimizing the film size
  • Safe transport even when glass is highly stacked
  • Able to meet maximum demands of 24h non-stop operation in a glass plant

Stationary MSK pallet conveyors

The comprehensive MSK Transtech product program offers stationary pallet conveyor systems for almost all applications. MSK has established itself in this area because it has learned to deal with the most demanding loads such as 24h continuous operation in glass factories for many years with great success.

MSK Transtech pallet conveyors

  • Roller conveyors & Accumulation conveyors
  • Chain conveyor
  • Corner transfer units
  • Turntable
  • Pallet centring
  • Load centring

Mobile MSK Shuttle cars

Driverless conveyor systems for a quiet and flexible transport of pallets without fork lift trucks

In order to combine different production lines, palletizing, shrink and empty pallet lines flexibly and fully automatically within a glass production system MSK uses mobile transport systems. If necessary, the pallets are transported through several halls or floors without the need of a fork lift truck. The mobile pallet conveyors (shuttle cars) need no fixed installations, bring tranquility into your production flow and provide for a significantly lower accident potential for both the product and for the staff. Pallet related data can be transferred to the warehouse. The result is a quiet easily monitored material flow with minimum noise and an intra-logistics system which has virtually no emissions.

  • Pallet shuttle cars MSK Linktech
  • AGV transport systems
  • Elevators and vertical conveyors

Automated truck loading/ uunloading

For increased loading efficiency, an intelligent MSK pallet pre-sorting process can control truck loading fully automatically. Using the transmitted pallet data, optimum truck capacity utilization is ensured.

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