MSK hood stretch - packaging machines for building materials

Stretch hood for building materials

MSK stretch hood: Automated packaging systems for the building material industry 

A high humidity protection for the outside storage and on construction sites as well as an optimal brand name are important demands that the building material industry puts on pallet packaging systems.

Depending on the type of product and its physical properties (from sand-lime brick and insulating materials through to chemicals) modern automated packaging systems must meet very different requirements.

Depending on the required load stability as well as the pressure sensitivity of the materials the stretch hood packaging is a proven and versatile procedure in the international building material industry.

The stretch hooder MSK Tensiontech

The fully automatic stretch hood system MSK Tensiontech enables the packaging of products whether or not they are on pallets with a stable stretch hood thanks to its special film stretching procedure. The MSK automated packaging system stretches the film hood individually to each pallet/package format in any coordinate in longitudinal and transverse direction so that optimum load securing properties are achieved. The special and patented MSK packaging technology allowing the use of thinner films and presents the brand logo in the most effective manner. 


  • Precise hood cover thanks to the patented MSK device to gather the film (EP 1 353 847) and the MSK vertical film tightening procedure (EP 1 717 148)
  • High quality seam welding
  • Simple maintenance thanks to the lowerable machine head and maintenance-free time belt technology
  • High flexibility through fully automated processing of up to four different film formats and thicknesses.
  • Also available in XL or XXL version for wide format products

MSK stretch hood packaging for bagged goods

For bagged goods, the stretch hood procedure is often the most cost-effective packaging solution. For the standard range of pallet dimensions on the basis of Euro pallets, industry and CP MSK offers a standard stretch hood packaging machine to the customer at an optimum price-performance ratio and preferred delivery times.


  • Cost savings through minimum film thickness
  • Hydraulic systems are not used: Simple, solely electrical movements
  • Very simple, intuitive system operation (MSK EMSY)
  • Simple maintenance through lowerable machine head



Customers from the cement industry confirm that by using MSK Tensiontech stretch hood packaging machine, within two years their previously used film thickness was halved to 60 µm and that significant savings in packaging costs were achieved without any loss to load safety. Through cooperation with the company Haver & Böcker, on customer request, an entire bagging line, from the bag filling, bag conveying, palletizing and pallet packaging, can be offered.

MSK stretch hood packaging for stone building materials

With heavy and sharp-edged building materials such as sand-lime bricks or breeze blocks, a steel strapping tape is often the best way to ensure load safety and stability. The primary task of the film packaging is to provide protection from moisture. Printing the firm's logo on the film also ensures some very effective advertising.

Most requirements are met by a MSK stretch hood solution as it is both economically interesting and technically adequate, thanks to a patented method to gather and to pre-stretch the film which ensures that the sharp edge of the products do not make holes or cracks in the film during film application on the top layer of the bricks. The more precise gathering of the film also offers a perfect undistorted logo on the wrapped pallet.


  • Reliable welds of the film hood even at higher strains
  • Even gathering of the film for brand logo
  • Faster welding bar change
  • Easy maintenance due to lowerable machine head

MSK stretch hood packaging for chemical building materials

Some chemical plants need machines or production processes which work without gas and heat. Here is stretch hood packaging the right choice because the stretch takes place without the use of heat. 


  • No use of gas and heat
  • No use of hydraulics
  • Cost savings through the use of thinner films
  • Ergonomic maintenance thanks to the lowerable machine head.

MSK stretch hood packaging for insulating materials

Insulating materials are pressure sensitive, large-volume products. The brand name or firm's logo is often printed on to the film for advertising purposes. A clean film application as well as reliable seam welding of the film hood is crucial to all different versions of films and pallets.

To secure insulating materials on pallet a stretch hood film with low film thickness and low stretch parameters to avoid deformation is often an adequate solution. Large Format, long products make new demands when stretching the film because of the often extreme length/width ratio. These demands are fully met by the MSK stretch hooder. The special MSK coordinate stretch procedure is ideal for extreme product/pallet dimensions and allows the use of thinner film.


  • Reliable film hood seven with very long welds
  • Straight, undistorted brand labelling
  • Use of thinner films
  • Ideal for extreme product/pallet dimensions
  • Standardized XL and XXL packaging machines (packages max. 3700 x 1300 mm)
  • Can be used for different pallet sizes and special pallets

Additional modules

MSK belt stretch / collar stretch / understretch procedure

In addition, specially programmed film application processes, which will be offered additionally, reinforce the pallet load in critical areas in particular by applying an additional film belt.

  • Belt stretch procedure: an additional film belt increases the load stability for any critical loading height.
  • Collar stretch procedure: The film collar is like a belt on the top panel of the pallet.
  • Understretch procedure: The film is applied deep under the pallet.



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