The successful utilization of MSK Tensiontech at SABIC in the Netherlands.

In cooperation with the Westphalian machine builders HAVER& BOECKER, HAVER-technology subsidiary NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING (Illzach, France) and the Dutch partner Ancra (Boxtel) the packaging specialist MSK in Kleve could bring a project for the Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) to its successful conclusion. In Geleen, three complete packaging lines were installed in just over eight months. Prior to the installation, four packaging lines which had been in operation for over 40 years, had to be removed. In frame of the SABIC SLPO project, bagging machines, palletizers, stretch hood pallet packaging systems and an automated loading system for truck-trailer for all lines were successfully put into operation, three weeks ahead of schedule.

Around 1,000 people (out of a total of 40,000 employees worldwide) are currently working in the SABIC production plant in Geleen. The factory covers around 40 percent of the area in the industrial park Chemelot. With the seat of the European headquarters and the production plant, the Saudi Arabian group is strongly represented in the province of Limburg.

In Geleen, one of five SABIC production plants in Europe, basic chemicals such as ethylene and propylene are produced for the production of various high-quality plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene. With the implementation of the SLPO project the SABIC management emphasizes the strategic importance of the location Geleen for the future of the group in Europe. The daily production for the special bulk plastics consists of several thousand tons per day which are produced fully-automated as well as continuously and loaded onto pallet every year.

First project deliberations at the end of 2014

At the end of 2014, the management decided for a modernization and future-oriented development of the production plant in Geleen. "In the project planning we wanted to ensure that the productivity is significantly increased through the utilization of easy-to-use, easy-to-palletize box-shaped containers, the plant security has to be guaranteed at all times and a return on investment has to be achieved as soon as possible ", says project manager Marc exploit (SABIC).

After a selection procedure in the spring of 2015 with two competitors the contracts were awarded to HAVER BOECKER and the involved suppliers. Up to the 15th December 2015, the project should be completed successfully. "The particular challenge was to assemble the new system, utilizing the time windows that were available while the old system was still in operation, keeping downtimes to a minimum." says MSK sales manager Uwe Jonkmanns. Finally, in March 2015 the kickoff for the project was given. First of all, the existing system had to be dismantled. In the period from September to mid-November 2015, the new stretch hood packaging lines were assembled and commissioned during the ongoing production.


Film packaging with MSK Tensiontech

In the pallet packaging, SABIC relied on the cooperation with the MSK Verpackungs-Systeme GmbH in Kleve at the Lower Rhine: The specialists provided the film packaging for the palletized products and therefore put the stretch hood system MSK Tensiontech including conveyor systems and the MSK control software EMSY into operation.

"Already in the planning stage we analyzed the product specific properties to find the right solution for the flow characteristics of the materials", says MSK sales director Uwe Jonkmanns. "In all versions, we put great emphasis on the stability of the packaging, the transport and the storage of these highly sensitive chemical products." Not to be forgotten is that the packaged products will be subject to vibrations, knocks, temperature extremes, pollution, UV rays and rough handling with fork lift trucks and repeated re-loading. Jonkmanns informs us that: "The focus is on transport security: the selection of the correct packaging method and the resulting load stability is important so that the product and packaging form a stable unit"

The fully automatic pallet packaging machine MSK Tensiontech packs chemical products of different sizes with a stretch film. The longitudinal and latitudinal stretching of the film takes place individually for each pallet load enabling optimum loading safety while using thinner films. The stable under stretch method connects the product and the lower packaging to a stable package load unit.


A maintenance-friendly and clean solution

The machine head of the stretch hood machines of type MSK Tensiontech can be lowered to the ground level. This makes maintenance easier and faster since neither ladders nor working platforms are required. Film rolls and welding bars can also be easily replaced thanks to the user friendly connections and the easy access. The entire film handling for the MSK Tensiontech stretch hood machine takes place without hydraulics above the product. Maintenance free belt drives instead of chains contribute to material-friendly and clean handling as well as minimum maintenance effort and low wear.

"The energy consumption of the MSK Tensiontech is, thanks to a special technology, depending on the product and performance, at significantly below 0.07 kW per packaging unit," states Uwe Jonkmanns when emphasizing the aspect of energy efficiency.

After the stretch hood packing process, the wrapped pallets are first conveyed with an MSK conveyor to an MSK elevator which then raises them from a height of 6 cm to 1,80 m. Then, using MSK conveying technology the pallets will be positioned in pairs, ready for loading onto the truck.

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