Hygienic, reliable and sustainable intralogistics solutions for your food products

Whether it is a carton of fruit juice, milk, a tray of meat or breakfast bread, behind every product lies the work of a passionate professional. At MSK France, we have been offering a range of solutions to protect the fruits of your labor since 1984. We offer complete systems for your intralogistics: from pallet unwrapping to palletizing, pallet packaging and conveying - all of which can be supervised by our MSK EMSY software range.
We will be attending the CFIA Rennes exhibition to present all our solutions for the food industry from March 12 to 14, 2024 (booth 10-A45).

Hygienic and economic pallet hooding

Behind dairy, animal and cereal products lies the work of a farmer who has devoted time to cultivating his products. It is therefore crucial to preserve the quality of these products even when placed in their primary packaging. That is why MSK offers stretch hooding, shrink and even hybrid hooding solutions for the food industry.

Their advantages:

  • Clean Design version available for maximum hygiene (belt technology instead of chains, or protection classes for water-jet cleaning).
  • Products protected during transport thanks to a 5-sided hooding. 
  • Special UV protection available for outdoor storage.
  • Good visibility of products and logos through transparent hood.
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to a mobile hooding head - no hydraulics, just belts.
  • Easy handling within the factory: free access between pallet blocks, compatible with automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) or forklift trucks.
  • Cost savings compared with conventional stretch wrapping since only one layer of film is required.
  • Suitable for high speeds.


Focus on sustainability:

The MSK Tensiontech stretch hooder can use the thinnest films and at the same time films made from 50% recycled materials
The MSK shrink hooder can also deliver savings when equipped with the patented MSK Covershrink module. Depending on film thickness and pallet dimensions, this can save up to 40% of the thermal energy required for pallet shrinking. Moreover, MSK has developed an electric shrink frame MSK Corritech with eCovershrink, enabling companies to avoid using fossil fuels while enjoying the benefits of MSK shrink technology.


Focus on a French reference – MSK Multitech at Lactalis Group: 


It is possible to supervise the consumption of MSK packaging systems in real time thanks to the MSK EMSY visualization software. Controlling film consumption is a step ahead towards further savings!

More than one solution for your filling line 

When filling juice or wine bottles, it is sometimes necessary to unpack pallets of empty containers. To prioritize the safety of your employees, while saving on personnel costs and boosting the productivity of your line, opt for automatic unwrapping!

For hooded or stretch-wrapped pallets, MSK has developed the MSK Defotech unwrapping machine. It can unwrap pallets automatically and safely (up to 60 pallets per hour) and even in limited spaces. After unwrapping, the MSK Defotech prepares the film automatically for recycling via a special film evacuation device. When collecting films separately, recycling them complete is possible.

Furthermore, for pallets secured by straps, the destrapper MSK Destraptech is the tool who will allow you to unwrap pallets automatically (until 45 pallets per hour).

Focus on a French reference – MSK Defotech at Laurent Perrier: 

Efficient palletizing systems are also essential to ensure the profitability of your filling line. MSK palletizers have been developed on the principle of modularity, enabling them to adapt to seasonal changes in output. Whether for bottles or cartons, MSK can offer you a semi-automatic or automatic palletizing solution tailored to your needs. Additional modules can be installed to complete the automation of your line (centering frame, layer pad magazine, labeler, etc.).

Say yes to automation in 2024!

Boost your productivity, save money and opt for equipment that limits its environmental impact - choose MSK as your turnkey supplier!
Our MSK experts will be happy to advise you at the CFIA Rennes exhibition from March 12 to 14, 2024 (booth 10-A45)! And do not hesitate to make an appointment to have packaging tests carried out on your products at our customer test center in Reyrieux. See you soon!

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